Important Information for all Users of this Site

I am pleased to announce that the services that are on this website have been acquired by 

This will offer users of the site updated online automations that will facilitate communication between employers and personnel.  In addition, all job ads and resumes will be able to be searched by Province, City and radius which will offer tailored search results for your hiring and job searching needs. 

I have been advised by the owner of that paid listings on the website will be honoured.  I feel confident that this represents an excellent long term opportunity for all site users because offers a vastly improved service which is maintained by several support staff, and it receives website visits many times greater than

Thank you for using the website and for being patient with the limitations resulting from a single operator using very basic technology.  As the sole operator of the current website I have enjoyed creating a job/personnel meeting place specifically for the dental profession but it has now expanded to the point where it requires much greater technological and personal support.

Please look for emailed announcements later this month that will invite you on  I shall be using this service also.

I wish you all the very best,

Richard Beard 

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